Terms of use

User agreement of the site “Ssylki.info”.

This Agreement is the rules for using the site – Ssylki.info. The site is an online service with which you can place backlinks to the site for free and for a fee. Mostly links from services for checking and analyzing sites, whois, redirects, site mentions and other open sources. The Agreement provides for general rules governing relations between the Administration and the User of the site.

The agreement is considered a public offer. By accepting it, the User confirms his agreement with the rules, rights and obligations provided by the Administration, as well as with the rights of the Site Administration.

  1. By accepting the terms of the Agreement, the User confirms the following:
    1.1 The Site and its resources can only be used on the terms specified in this Agreement.
    1.2 The User has read the Agreement, agrees with its terms, including the rules, rights, obligations, limitation of liability of the Administration.
    1.3 The user uses the site and the online service for placing links – as is, without warranty, at your own risk, the Ssylki.info Administration does not guarantee a positive result and is responsible for the placement, eternity, quality of links and their indexing. External links are placed on third-party sites that are not controlled by the Administration.
  2. User rights
    2.1 Any person who has read the agreement can become a User of Ssylki.info.
    2.2 The user has the right to use the online service for placing links free of charge.
    2.3 A user who has tried free services has the right to order additional paid services or buy goods offered by the site. In this case, a refund is not made, it is impossible to return the rendered service or digital goods. Resale of services and goods is prohibited.
  3. Responsibility of the User
    3.1 When filling out forms in the online service, the user is obliged to provide correct data and working addresses of the sites.
    3.2 The user is not entitled to post links to sites that violate copyright or the laws of the Russian Federation.
    3.3 The user agrees that the links and materials posted by him become open to other Internet users. The administration of Ssylki.info does not take responsibility for the actions of these persons.
    3.4 The user understands and agrees that his data and placed links, even after being deleted from the Ssylki.info site, may remain on other sites and appear in the results of Google, Bing, Yandex, and other search engines. The responsibility of the Administration for the results of the operation of other sites and search engines, as well as the publication of materials is excluded. To remove the relevant information, the User must contact the administration of other sites and search engines.
  4. Rights of the Administration
    4.1 The Administration has the right to moderate the Site in accordance with its preferences and at its own discretion.
    4.2 The Administration unilaterally makes changes and adjustments to this Agreement.
    4.3 If the User violates the terms of the Agreement, the Administration may prohibit him from using the Site, cancel or suspend services.
    4.4 The Administration has the right to remove links and materials of the User that violate the laws of the Russian Federation, insult the dignity of other users, violate their rights.
    4.5 The Administration has the right to provide services on a paid and free basis.
    4.6 Issues of changing prices, types of services, conditions for their use are under the jurisdiction of the Administration. She can make changes unilaterally.
    4.7 The Administration has the right to remove any links and materials that, in its opinion, violate the terms of the Agreement.
    4.8 The Administration may place links and materials from its site on other resources.
  5. Limitation of liability of the Ssylki.info Administration. The Ssylki.info site administration is not responsible for the following actions of the User or the consequences associated with them:
    5.1 Direct or indirect violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation.
    5.2 Accuracy, truthfulness, content of published links and materials.
    5.3 Losses, losses of the User associated with the actions of third parties.
    5.4 Failures in the operation of the Site associated with interruptions in the operation of the Internet, malfunctions of computer equipment, other technical reasons that are not under the direct control of the Administration.
    5.5 Losses, loss of information, damage received by the User due to the use of the Site.

The rights associated with this Site belong only to the Administration and are subject to protection by the legislation of the Russian Federation governing the protection of copyrights and intellectual property.

All services on the site are provided by the self-employed “Mikhailov Roman Alexandrovich”. TIN 770301245791. Address: 140050, Russia, Moscow Region, Lyubertsy, pos. Kraskovo, st. Karl Marx, 81, office 173.