Link Indexer 🎯

A free external link indexer that indexes pages with backlinks to your site using Yandex.Browser and analytics counters. It can be used as a program for visiting websites and accumulating cookies in the browser. ✅

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How to use the indexer:

Log in to their accounts Yandex and Google, create or login to your existing using Yandex.Browser.

Enable pop-up windows in Yandex.Browser:

  • Open Yandex.Browser and open the menu.
  • Click on "Settings".
  • Go to the "Sites" section and to "Advanced Site Settings".
  • Find the item "Pop-ups" and put a dot next to "Allowed".

To speed up the indexing of links:

  • Open the service in Yandex.Browser.
  • Insert a list of links to run.
  • Click "Index links" and leave it running.
  • Every 3-5 seconds, a new browser tab will open with a link from the list and close after 15-20 seconds until all links from the list run out.

For visiting websites and foraging cookies:

  • Open the service in any browser.
  • Insert a list of sites or pages for feeding cookies.
  • Click "Index links" and leave it running.
  • The links will open in turn in the browser and collect cookies until the list ends.

Where to get external (reverse) links to the site:

  • A free database for posting links is available on the site.
  • There is a paid database containing more than 15,000 links, including very trust and well-known sites.
  • The database contains links from site verification and analysis services, whois, redirects, site mentions, etc.
  • The database can be purchased for 15$. (updated 28.05.2023).