Questions and answers

How to post 1500 backlinks for free?

Very simple! Go to the main page and enter the address of your site in a special field, then click “Place 1500 links for free”. After that, you will be redirected to a page with all placed links.

Is it possible to order more links?

Yes, you can order a link placement service or buy a complete backlink database to place links yourself. Detailed instructions are included.

What gives the placement of external links?

Possible result: increase in ICS, indexing, attendance, site trust, visibility and positions in search engines.

Can the site’s PR increase from such links?

The PR of a site depends on many factors, including the quality of the site itself and external links to it. Everything works together. Personally, my sites PR increases.

Are there guarantees for indexing and results?

Unfortunately, no, it is impossible to guarantee anything in website promotion. Indexing links can take a lot of time and the result depends on many factors, everything works together, you should not rely on links alone.

What sites are in the backlink database?

There are very trusted and well-known resources in the database. Mostly links from services for checking and analyzing sites, whois, redirects, iframes, site mentions and other open sources.

Can such links harm?

Links are placed immediately, but indexed very slowly and there will not be a sharp surge in link growth. In addition, they are completely natural. I myself use such links and the result is only positive.

How long are links indexed?

Links are indexed slowly, so even better. Full indexing may take approximately 3-6 months. But the first results can be seen even earlier.

Are these natural links?

I think so. They are anchorless, placed on various, useful resources that do not sell links in principle. Such links can be called quite natural.

Are links permanent?

Placement occurs once and without time limit. As long as the site exists and its functionality is preserved, the link will be posted. You can call such links eternal. But this cannot be guaranteed.

Trust links?

The database contains trusted links from sites that are trusted by search engines. As well as low-quality links from ordinary sites, but they are indexed slowly and do no harm.

Links without anchors?

Most backlinks are anchorless (for example:, but on some pages there are links in the form of the titles of your site and pages (for example: site title).

How many backlinks are in the database?

At the moment, there are 1,500 free and paid more than 15,000 unique page addresses for placing external links. The database may contain mirrors of sites, repetitions of links under a different url, for example, from different pages.

Is it a backlink generator?

Yes. The service automatically generates backlinks to any specified site. Through the full database, you can place links not only to the main page of the site, but also to its internal pages.

Is there any sense in redirects and website mentions?

Yes, that works too. You can see such links in the issuance of various search engines. So they are known to them and taken into account. Redirect, iframe, link in the picture and mention of the site – I consider it a link and use them myself.

Is it possible to download link bases?

DEMO database of 1500 backlinks can be downloaded for free on the page “Download linkbase“. A FULL database can be downloaded there, but to open it you need a key and it is paid.

Where can I find sample sites?

Sites to which free 1500 links have already been placed can be viewed on the main page in the “Recently placed links” list. Sites that have 15000+ links can be found in the “Our clients” section. Examples of the links themselves can be found on these pages

How to index so many links?

If you need faster indexing in Yandex, then through “Indexer” – a plugin for Chrome (and Ya. Browser). It may also be suitable for indexing in Google through the Indexer plugin and the Chrome browser, but I haven’t tested it myself. It is better to additionally publish your links somewhere, put links to the links themselves.

Can’t pay full link base

If the payment does not go through or there is no payment method convenient for you, then contact me and we will figure something out.

Are linkbase updates free?

If you buy a full database of backlinks, then if an update is released, you will receive it for free. You will receive a special notification by mail and you just download the new version.

Didn’t find an answer to my question

Just write to me and ask your question. But first read the questions and answers above!