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The cost of posting links:

Placement of 15,000+ links to 1 site = 15 USD.

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I will place links for you, gradually, according to the full base of 15,000+ links in the form of a pyramid “link + link + site” to strengthen them.

In the report, you will receive the address of the page where 500 links per day will be placed links to your site and 5-10 internal pages, an example of such a page https://backlinks.ssylki.info/links/ssylki.info

The page will be sent for indexing in Yandex, Bing and Google. Links are placed, indexed and updated gradually to get the best result. Indexing example.

The cost of a full backlink base:

Base 15000+ links = 15 USD. (updated 28/05/2023).

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You buy a database and put links to any number of sites/pages/groups/channels, host and index them yourself. Instructions are included. Updates are free.

Posting links takes a couple of minutes. It is enough to change the site address in the database to your own and all links will link to your site. Then it’s more difficult – you need to index the links.

The presence of links in the database was checked on 28/05/2023 through the Crowd Links Checker service.

For the quality of links, their availability for indexing, eternity, effectiveness for website promotion – I do not answer and do not give a guarantee! Refunds are not made. Resale of the base is prohibited.

Please, before buying a base and ordering services, read the frequently asked questions and answers.

To order the placement of links or buy a base –

Write to Telegram https://t.me/MihaylovRA

Or by mail [email protected].