Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of the website.

  1. General provisions
    1.1 The privacy policy has been developed to protect the personal data of users of the service and the business reputation of the site in accordance with the Legislation of the Russian Federation.
    1.2 The priority of the Site Administration is the protection of user data, ensuring the security of processing, compliance with the law and respect for the position of users when using the services provided by the site.
    1.3 The privacy policy has been developed in strict accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Regulatory acts, laws, regulations related to the protection of users’ rights have been taken into account.
    1.4 All employees of the website, without exception, are required to comply with this policy.
  2. Basic concepts
    2.1 Compliance with confidentiality of data – ensuring the prevention of the dissemination of any personal information of the User, except for that which he, at his own request, independently or with the help of other people, published on the site.
    2.2 Processing of user data – actions aimed at collecting, systematizing, analyzing, accumulating, clarifying, storing, destroying information about the User. It can be geographical, gender and age characteristics, time spent on the site.
    2.3 Administration – the owner and employees of the service.
    2.4 Service – a resource containing information intended for general use, the provision of services, posted on
    2.5 User – any individual who has accepted the terms of the User Agreement of the website, including rights and obligations, uses the services provided by the service outside using mobile devices, PCs, through an Internet browser.
    2.6 The user agreement is an agreement that the User and the Site Administration enter into regarding the use of the site. The terms of the agreement can be found on the website
  3. The composition of the data that the Administration uses for processing
    3.1 The administration operates with the personal data of users. Any other information that the User voluntarily posted on the site can be processed. In addition, information collected through an Internet browser, including using cookies, is accepted for processing. This is the IP address, time spent on the site, time of visit and other information, the collection and processing of which is not prohibited at the legislative level. The user can independently determine what data the Administration can receive for processing. If desired, he can disable cookies altogether.
    3.2 The Administration uses, saves only the information that is necessary for the effective operation of the site and that the User provides voluntarily.
  4. Purpose of data processing
    4.1 The main purpose of processing user data is the effective operation of the site, providing the User with the opportunity to use the services of the service.
    4.2 Analysis of the site’s activities, determination of its position in the market of similar services.
    4.3 Effective promotion by the site of its services in the field, volume and on terms consistent with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
    4.4 Advertising of services, goods published on the site.
  5. Processing of user data
    5.1 The User’s data is processed only after and subject to obtaining his consent.
    5.2 They are used only for the purpose of efficient and complete provision of services by the site and its Administration.
    5.3 The processing procedure is governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
    5.4 The user provides data voluntarily, while undertaking to act in good faith, without violating the requirements of the law and the rights of other users of the site’s services.
    5.5 The user agrees to receive messages, notifications from the Administration regarding additional information, changes.
    5.6. If desired, the User may withdraw his consent to the use and processing of data. This is done through a support request.
  6. User rights
    6.1 Each user has the right to access their information at no additional charge. Access is subject to the laws of the country.
    6.2 The user has the right to demand the destruction, exclusion of data that, from his point of view, are recognized as unreliable, false, incomplete, outdated. At the same time, he must provide the Administration with confirmation that the data published on the site is indeed of such a nature.
    6.3 The user has the right to appeal against the unlawfulness of the use of data through the courts. He also has the right to file a complaint against the inaction of the Administration in the presence of facts of misuse of data, inconsistent publication or processing of data, or publication of unverified, inaccurate information.
    6.4 Act in accordance with the regulations of the Russian Federation.
  7. Data security
    7.1 The duties of the Administration include the protection of user data from unauthorized access, destruction, incorrect and contrary to the laws of action.
    7.2 In order to protect personal data, the Administration appoints a responsible person, draws up local acts, uses the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  8. Final provisions
    8.1 This Policy is available to all Users, as well as persons planning to use the site to receive services.
    8.2 The Administration of may make changes to the Policy in accordance with changes in regulations, internal policies. All changes are published on the website.
    8.3 The privacy policy applies only to the site It is not applicable to third sites, search engines.
    8.4 In the event that any situations are not regulated by this Policy, the legislative acts of the Russian Federation apply to them.